How to play


Join the game

Click on any player slot to join the game.

Spectating the game

While game is in progress you can only watch other players play. You can join the game when the match is over and host starts a new match.

Game setup

Select Language of Words for Match

As a game host you can select in what language you are going to play.
You can see an alphabet for the selected language in a game log header.

Choose the Length of Your Word

Select how long secret word you want to guess (3 - 7 letters). We recommend starting with 4 or 5 letters.

Ready to Begin

When you’re ready, vote to start the game.

Basic Instructions

Goal of the game

Every player's goal is to guess all their letters with the help of clues from other players and spell the word out correctly at the end of the game without ever looking at the cards!

Other players

You are playing together as a team. You can never tell other players what letters they have, but you can give them clues to guess their letters.

Game log

You can keep track of all the past clues and guess what your letters are.
Empty log at start of the game.
Example of log with clues during the game.

Clue tokens

The red and green tokens represent the clues you can give. You always take a token when you give a clue.
Red tokens are taken first - each player must give at least 1 clue (2 clues in a 3-player game, 3 clues in a 2-player game) to make any green tokens in the center of the flower available
Green tokens - initially, the only available green tokens are those on the leaves.

Additional clue tokens

When the last card in a non player's stack is drawn, the green clue token is yours to use. Your team has earned one additional clue.

Think of a Clue

Good Clue

Try to use as many cards as you can to spell out the longest word possible. You can use any letter multiple times. Do you have a word? Wait and don't say it out loud!

Give a Clue with Wildcard

If you are in trouble coming up with a clue, you can use the wildcard. It can be used as any single letter and you can use it multiple times, too. But you can't say what letter the wildcard stands for in your clue!

Select Clue Giver

Every player can now offer their clue to the team. The only thing you can say about your clue is how many letters it has, how many players it helps and whether it contains a wildcard. The player with the most useful clue will be the cluegiver. Vote for them by clicking on their table.

Clue suggestion

If you see a clue on a table you can suggest your clue to others to convince them to vote for you.

Give clue

Spell Out the Clue

Now spell your clue out by clicking on cards in the right order. Make sure you don't ever say your clue out loud!

Preview Your Clue

Here you can check how your clue shows to other players before you submit it.

Diacritics in Clues

Diacritics are supported only in Czech, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian languages.
You can add diacritic symbol to any letter by clicking the diacritics token just after clicking the letter.

Guess letter

Clue Received

You can check the clue in the game log. Try to guess what letter could be used to replace the question mark.

No Clue Received

Your letter wasn't included in the clue, but hopefully, it helps the other players. You can watch how other players deal with guessing their letters.

Guessing Your Letter

Try to fill in different letters in the place of the question mark or write a note at the end of the line. At the end of the game you find out if your guess was correct.

Keep it or move on?

If you know the letter (or you are feeling lucky), you can move on to another card. If you still don't know what your letter is, keep the card and wait for another clue.

Guessing the Bonus Card

If you guess the letter right, it will become a bonus card you can use for clue giving. Your guess can also help others guess their letters right.

Guess word

Check Your Guesses

These are the letters you have guessed so far. You can still change your guesses by clicking on the letters.

Spell Out the Final Word

If you guessed everything right, your letters should spell out an existing word. Spell out the final word by clicking on the letters in the right order.

You can use Bonus Letters or the Wildcard

If the letters don't add up, you can replace some letters with Bonus letters or the Wildcard. Spell out a word using at least as many cards as you started with. You can even aim for a longer word, which gives you more points!

Submit Your Final Word

Once you all submit your words, you can move on to the big final reveal!


Revealing the words

If you unscrambled your cards correctly, you will have an existing word in front of you!

Review a Player's Word

Sometimes you need to vote whether a player has made an existing word or not.


Now you know how to play Letter Jam Online. Room host can start a new match. Enjoy the game!